About the Farm

In 2023, Just Peachy Farms began conversion to a No Dig, No Till style of farming, where raised beds of uniform size are separated by clean walking paths. Weeds are minimized by close planting where the plants form a canopy that blocks sunlight to the area beneath their leaves.  Further, a micronutrient solution is used often to continually improve the microorganisms in the soil, which makes plants healthier and more nutritious.  The entire process is naturally organic, with no chemicals or synthetic fertilizers being applied, as these tend to rob the soil of its health.

We welcome your interaction.  Come see us, just make sure we will be there first! 903-948-7682, texting is best (hard to get gloves off fast enough to answer calls).3952 Mill Creek Road, Cat Spring, TX 78933 (just over Sandy Creek from Bellville).